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Cut Light (Crux)
Cut Light (Crux)

Excerpt from the press release for Cut Light / Open Late at Field Projects, New York, NY:

For the installation CUT LIGHT Baxter created seven site-specific cut and woven works that appear to reflect, refract and/or produce an illuminated triangle of light onto the back wall, floor and corner of the gallery. Each piece abuts an architectural feature of the gallery (floor, column, beam), activating the negative spaces between them, as if the illuminated triangle permeates the space, but is only visible on the surface of the loose weave.

Baxter's work ultimately acts as a sort of net or pixilated plane that catches and disperses the molecules of light in the gallery. Colors mutate, fade and intensify, seeming to hover just above the surface of the room like a prism, materializing the unseen shifts of light and air as the viewer moves through space.